Winter Wonders & Beyond Box


This box is not just ideal for creating that good heart-warming meal through winter but it’s also perfect for creating the ever convenient slow cooked, nutrient dense meal through summer! The aroma’s coming from your kitchen with this box will be the envy of the neighbourhood any time of year.

Coming in three sizes, all jam packed full of our pasture raised & grassfed + hormone free + antibiotic free meats, this pack provides a taste, a sample & a decent helping of each protein & is sure to please.

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A taste of each protein, including:
1 x Lamb Shanks
1 x Beef Roast
1 x Whole Chook
1kg Osso Bucco
1 x 500g pack Diced meat (Beef OR Lamb)
1kg Lamb Stewing Chops
1kg Beef Stewing Steaks
1kg Bones (Beef OR Lamb)

Medium: Price $360
A sample of each protein, including:
2 x Lamb Shanks
1 x Beef Roast
1 x Pork Shoulder
1 x Whole Chook
2kg Osso Bucco
1kg Diced meat (Beef OR Lamb)
2kg Lamb Stewing Chops
2kg Beef Stewing Steaks
2kg Bones (Beef OR Lamb)

Large: Price $690
A decent helping of each protein, including:
4 x Lamb Shanks
2 x Beef Roast
2 x Pork Shoulder
2 x Whole Chook
4kg Osso Bucco
2kg Diced meat (Beef OR Lamb)
4kg Lamb Stewing Chops
4kg Beef Stewing Steaks
4kg Bones (Beef OR Lamb)

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Please note all weights are approximates only & will vary between packs, however any shortage in one cut will be balanced with another.