The Luscious Lamb Box


This box contains nothing but our succulent lamb from our free roaming SAMM’s (South African Meat Merinos). Coming in two sizes it is absolutely perfect for the Lamb lover in us all.

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A great little pack, giving you a great meal options including cuts such as:
1 x Lamb Leg Roast
4 x Lamb Chops
1 x 500g pack Lamb Sausages
1kg pack Diced Lamb
500g to 1kg of Bones for Broth/Soup/Dogs

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A great all-rounder pack, giving you a full selection of cuts including:
1 x Lamb Leg Roast (2 x Half leg roasts (4 – 6 meals) OR 1 x whole leg roasts (8-10
2 x Lamb Shanks
1 x Frenched Rack Roast OR 6 Rib Cutlet Chops (Frenched Rack Roast OR 6 Rib Cutlet
1 x Lamb Shoulder – Bone in
1kg Lamb Ribs
6 x Lamb Chops
2 x 500g packs Lamb Sausages
2 x 500g packs Lamb Mince
2 x 500g packs Diced Lamb
Bones for Broth/Soup/Dogs
500g of Organ Meats (Yes please OR No thanks)

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Please note all weights are approximates only & will vary between packs, however any
shortage in one cut will be balanced with another.

Full Roast/Spit Lamb:
Available on request. Please contact us for more information & pricing.