The Goat-tee Box


A specialty box containing nothing but our pasture raised goat meat (Chevon). Coming in two sizes this pack is sure to delight those with a love for goat.


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For those that like a taste of goat, including:
1 x Leg Roast
2 x Goat Rump Steaks
2 x Goat Loin Chops
300g Frenched Rack or cutlets
4 x Riblets
1 x Shoulder Roast
4 x Neck Chops
1 x 500g Diced Goat

For those that love goat, including
1 x Leg Roast
2 x Shanks
4 x Goat Rump Steaks
4 x Goat Loin Chops
600g Frenched Rack or cutlets
8 x Riblets
1 x Shoulder Roast
8 x Neck Chops
2 x 500g Diced Goat

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Please note all weights are approximates only & will vary between packs, however any shortage in one cut will be balanced with another.

Full Roast/Spit Goat:
Available on request. Please contact us for more information & pricing.