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Legs of ham pasture grown naturally on a Free-Range Pig Farms on the Darling Downs, Qld.  Choose between salt only (nitrate free) smoked ham which has a more porky flavour or traditional smoked which due to the preservatives lasts longer in the fridge. There are also three size options of our delicious leg ham available to suit your budget and family size.

Half a leg ham BONE OUT

  • 2 kg
  • $65 each

Half a ham leg BONE IN

  • 4-5kg
  • $130

Whole ham leg

  • 9kg
  • $180 each


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If the boxes have more meat than I need, but I still want to support ethical farmers, what should I do?
    • We encourage you to use our Community Forum to split orders with friendly people in your neighbourhood to share the cost and reduce the volume. Click here (https://familyfoodcoop.com.au/forums/forum/our-community/) to view our forum and start connecting with people in your area. Remember: all of our meat is delivered to you FRESH and Cryovaced so it will last in the fridge for 7-40 days depending on the cut.
  • Will I be able to distinguish the cuts of meat?
    • Yes, all pieces of meat are labelled with the type of meat, type of cut and use by date. E.g. Beef Rump Steak, use by 30th Dec 2017.
  • I’m no chef, how will I know how to cook all of these different cuts?
  • What if I’m not at home when it’s dropped off and can’t make the delivery date?
    • We are a small farmer-owned business, so we will go above and beyond to try and help you out, and we are practised in problem-solving:
      1) We can leave your produce stored at Rogers Cold Storage in Sherwood for $15 extra and you can pick it up from there at a time that suits you. Or if
      2) Our next delivery runs are on the 8th and 10th of December and will try our best to accommodate your delivery/pickup needs.
      3) Leave an esky out at your house with some ice bricks in it.
      4) Go to our forum under the heading Produce handling and storage tips https://familyfoodcoop.com.au/forums/topic/produce-handling-storage-tips/
  • How is the meat packed?