Gooralie Free-Range Pork

Our Pigs

Gooralie Free-Range Pork is APIQ certified Free-Range. At “Gooralie”, we produce pork that is supreme in flavour and has a consistent eating quality whereby you can “taste the difference”. Gooralie Free-Range Pork us Australia’s longest standing RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Member and all of our pigs have access to play and roam outdoors twenty-four hours a day observing the Five Freedoms. Gooralie Free-Range Pork is an Australian owned and operated family-based business. We have an underlying commitment to Animal Welfare and continually providing a stress-free environment for our pigs to flourish.
Rob and Kay Curtis

Our Cows

The Poll Hereford cattle are free-range, and they enjoy the beautiful natural environment of the Curtis’ farm. While grazing, the cattle intermingle with kangaroos, emus, and introduced wildlife. The large dams act as watering points for native black swans, ducks, and other water birds, allowing them to congregate and also make their habitats there. Introduced native fish also inhabit these dams, and along with the swans, usually breed annually depending on rainfall. Overseeing this activity high in the treetops, other native birds watch the proceedings. On the odd occasion a native koala or possum will exhibit themselves.

The young growing calves are immersed in this environment, and are guarded and protected against predatory animals right up until they are weaned by their mothers. Rob and Kay continually control the predators without the use of any toxic inputs. These days they sell the steers as vealers, to suit the market’s desire for smaller cuts of meat. The entire herd is grass-fed, and saleable stock is also grass-fattened.

The whole property is managed under organic/biological production systems, including the areas under grains and dryland horticulture. Rob and Kay are very proud of the standards and practices of their farm and hope you enjoy their organic produce.

Salad Bowl Meats

Our Lambs

Over the past decade, the Barkla family has been working on their ultimate goal: to deliver premium quality Prime SAMM lamb direct to customers.

They worked out that the best way to offer a premium quality product that is traceable for the consumer and commercially viable for the producer was to simply deal direct. Rosscoe Prime SAMM lamb is available through The Free-Range Family Co-op for your enjoyment.

The Barkla family takes pride in the production of their livestock. Their sheep have been genetically selected, grown in a stress-free, sustainable grazing environment and in accordance with animal welfare practices:

  • Antibiotic and hormone-free production
  • Adhere to low-stress animal management practices
  • Breed of sheep specifically selected for premium quality meat production
  • Traceability of product
  • Processed and handled to accredited standards

These processes ensure a high-quality, sustainable product direct from the Barkla family to yours.

9Dorf Farms

Our Chickens

9Dorf Farms are a 4th generation family-owned business, farming in the fertile Lockyer Valley since 1918. They are passionate about sustainable farming, working with and improving the environment, and producing ethically-raised animals.

The Neuendorf family’s vision statement for their food is to have a sustainable and financially viable farming enterprise that will allow them to develop their vision in producing environmentally friendly, stress-free, ethical produce. They achieve this by using the latest technology available, combined with nature’s principles. The family believes in maximising food production by bringing high-yield produce direct to the end user, using fewer resources, less land and saving valuable water.