Wild Card City Casino Loyalty Program

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      Wild Card City Casino Loyalty Program
      Advantages of playing at “Wild Card City Casino”.
      In order to make it more convenient for users to play the slots presented on the site, the developers have come up with several game modes. For example, there is a so-called demo version. This is a kind of test mode. It does not require registration and personal financial investments from the user. In it, you can just see what the selected slot machine is capable of.
      Wild Card City Casino Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions https://wildcardcity.net/loyalty
      In the demo version of the simulator “Wild Card City Casino” there are a number of restrictions:
      money bets do not work;
      only funds automatically issued by the system can be put on the line;
      wagering and the use of most bonuses are not available;
      the funds won are not cashed out.
      The profile in the demos will also not be able to pump. But there are no risks in such a game. An excellent choice for beginners and those who are not ready to risk their own funds at the moment.
      And you can also register on the Wild Card City Casino website, make a deposit in one size or another, and then start gambling for money. This is where the true excitement begins. The restrictions listed above will be lifted. It will be possible to pump the profile and put real money on the line.
      Playing for real money is not recommended for beginners. Especially if they want to use the buttons to automate the gameplay.
      “Wild Card City Casino” allows registered customers to switch between game modes. You can do this at any time. Only it is not recommended to switch from playing for money to the demo if the bets have already been made. The funds are not refunded for this.

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