Les Bullideres offers to buy property in Andorra.

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      The advantages of buying a property in Andorra include:
      Affordable prices for food and clothing.
      High-quality medical care.
      Free education.
      High-quality communication.
      No taxes.
      Favorable climate.
      The direction of tourism is well developed.
      High level of security and low crime rates.
      The process of buying real estate in Andorra. Features.
      Les Bullideres company offers luxury new homes in Andorra for sale https://www.lesbullideres.com/
      Foreigners can buy real estate in Andorra and register it in their own name. To purchase real estate in Andorra, you need to get permission from the authorities and not be the owner of another property in this country – an apartment or a house. The purchased property must be built according to the current building regulations. Buying a property in Andorra goes through the following stages:
      Choosing an object. The selection of real estate is carried out in the catalog of the web portal Les Bullideres, while you can sort by the necessary categories that interest you.
      Making a deposit. This will allow you to withdraw your chosen object from sale and will serve as a guarantee of the transaction. The deposit amount, as a rule, is 10% of the value of the object. If the buyer unreasonably refused the transaction, his deposit will not be refunded.
      The design of the Escriptura Publica. This is a document that confirms the owner’s rights to the property. The document is notarized and registered.
      Purchase and sale agreement. The contract is standardized and approved by the government.
      The signing of the contract for the purchase and sale of real estate takes place only in the presence of a notary. Before the signing procedure, the notary verifies the correctness of the contract and the certificate of transfer of ownership. The notary has all access rights to the register of all real estate in Andorra.

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