You can still buy food from our farmers but the Co-op shop has closed...

Dear Valued Customers,

We wholeheartedly love growing quality food for you, and thank you for valuing and appreciating the time & resources required to get food on your tables as sustainably as possible.

After much deliberation and with a heavy heart the farmers and I have decided to close the co-op.

The good news; you can still feed your families with our farmer's premium products! Scroll down for the links or contact details to our farmer’s online shops so you can buy their mouth-watering food & support their farming practices.

Continuing to support these farmers individually will not only be a little gentler on your pockets but help to maintain the idea the co-op would grow to a size where it is worthwhile for our farmers to put in the extra work initially required.

 We don't give up, it's not in our blood!! 

Farmer's sell directly to their customers for the following reasons:

  1. They implement superior or more ethical farming practices which increases their cost of production and therefor they need to be able to set their sale price, not be price takers as the case if they sold through the major retail outlets.
  2. They are passionate about how they grow food and want to connect with consumers to educate them about farming.
  3. They believe in a healthier food system, where what we take from the land must go back into the land to ensure sustainable farming for future generations.

Delivering a perishable product, paddock to plate already entails a lot of extra work for the farmers who choose to sell their produce this way.

The farmer owned Co-op was created to make shopping directly from premium local farmers more convenient for customers, by farmers working together to deliver their products to you. As you all appreciate, running the co-op also entails a lot of additional work, which is placing extra stress on our families for little return. At the end of the day health is wealth!


Jon & Ness Holt

Quality Pasturefed Beef, Chinchilla.

To order visit:


Chicken, Eggs and Fish

Bron & Dave & Brenton and Phoebe Neuendorf

9Dorf Farms, Lilydale.

To order visit:


Delivery Details:

6 drop off points between Toowoomba & Brisbane.
Weekly home deliveries.


Pru & Stu Barkla

Salad Bowl Country Meats

To order phone or email:

Pru: 0417 793 833.

Email: [email protected]

Website: returning soon


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What our customers are saying...


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  • James Harbard

Our vision

Energised by the Queensland sun on her back, Zoë was feeding sheep on her parent's property and hoping the cost of hay would be covered by the yet to be determined sale price of these prime lambs hustling to enjoy the fresh hay. This then twenty-year-old began dreaming how farmers, who cared for their animals and environment could receive a consistent price for their hard work. Little did she know, Zoë began pioneering a Farmer owned Coop to deliver quality food, grown with passion and care, directly from their farm to their urban friends.

These pondered thoughts amongst the Gidyea trees, in the region known as the “salad bowl country” of South-West Qld, became the seed for her now passion to grow. Zoë is determined to develop a convenient way for consumers to support farmers who implement ecologically sustainable, and ethical farming practices. Practicing as a vet on the Darling Downs and witnessing the daily struggles of many farmers, the need for all Australians to support the people who grow our food became more apparent to Zoë.

Driven by her heart, Zoë has collaborated with a group of dedicated, sustainable farmers, who have all agreed to abide by a statement of farming principles. Together these farmers who own the Coop, are determined to deliver premium quality produce, grown with farming practices healthy for you, their animals and the environment.


Thank you for your wonderful produce. My freezer is very full with a 1/4 of a cow in it - that is the only thing stopping me ordering again!

The meat has all been fabulous and the sausages are by far the best we've had. I'm looking forward to exploring the box options in the future. 


We have been incredibly happy with our recent orders with Free Range Family Co-Op. The meat is so fresh, tastes incredible (much better than the supermarket meat we used to buy). We also noticed very limited shrinkage in our meat during cooking.

We love how the meat is antibiotic and hormone free and tastes fantastic! Most of all, we love to support our hard-working farmers who deserve a fair return for their hard work. We now try to buy all our meat through the Co-Op.

The service has been exceptional, they were very accommodating. Thank you!!!


It's the taste! It takes me back to my childhood, to what food tasted like before the days of mass production. I have also visited the farm and seen how respectfully the soil and livestock are treated. Thoroughly recommend! Easy to order, easy to pick up and Zoe and her team are great to work with. Meat is delicious too!

The meat has been the best ever. The roast lamb is the best we have ever tasted! The steak (of course) is amazing. All of it cooks beautifully and tastes delicious. Keep up the great work.

We have been so impressed with our 1st order! Even though the delivery was a little late (which wasn’t an issue), Bronwyn was more than happy to have a little chat and take the time to answer all our questions. The quality of the meat has been amazing. So far the T-Bones are my favourite!

Monique Tink

We’re very happy, of course, with the quality of any meat, chicken or eggs we have purchased.

As far as delivery, we are very happy with that side of things. Jim or Bron have always shown up (with a happy face) when expected and we have not had an issue with missing items.

We have been happy with the labelling and always know what is in the packet. A couple of times there have been items that haven’t seemed cryovaced well and air is in the packet but items were still fine to eat.

Leigh Cipa

The meat is so full of flavour and such a great quality. Won’t be getting meat anywhere else now. Thank you!!

Amanda Mclune